motoThe products properly studied to the automotive branch can be employed as from the suggestions below:

Exhaust pipes / manifold : wrap around the exhaust pipes a glass fiber tape. We deal with two types: type 'HT75', resistant to high temperature (750°C); standard one, up to 500°C. These are useful, as long as, the plastic and carbon parts - such as lateral shells, under-saddle and all the other parts - usually result into an overheating, when laying close to the exhaust pipes of bikers.

 standard glass tape (500°C)

Regarding products and material to apply under the saddle and close to plastic parts, we suggest 3 different solutions:

  • Texo 1005 alfol self-adhesive
  • Glass Felt KT600 (thickness 7 mm, weight 1600 gr/sqm) with aluminium foil (also available in self-adhesive version)
  • 'Bertaflex' :Glass Felt KT600 (thickness 7 mm, weight 1600 gr/sqm) with aluminium plate (to be fixed by rivets)

For silencers: you already know Blackleve Blu HT870 (800°C). Please consider this can be also supplied in pre-shaped insulating cartridge.

The insulating cartridges can also be made of glass felt (500°C) combined with Blackleve, so as to decrease the price.

In some cases, an inox cartridge can be slipped directly onto the perforated pipe and then Blackleve/glass felt is to be wrapped all around:

- For high temperature application we also offer Silica felts resistant up to 1000°, available in several thicknesses & weights. Typical application are pre-shaped mats to be slipped into the ending of silencers, like below. Moreover we offer 'silica fabric + felt sandwiches' to be used as the outer layer of insulating cartridges, in touch with the shell of silencer to prevent the shell itself from spots (owing to very high temperature).

For silencers re-fill, we also provide bulk yarn, both for 600°C and 800°C

Finally, insulating pads like below represent the most suitable solution for the insulation of parts and areas where the classic method is not convenient or uneffective. The mattresses, flexible and removable, are perfect to guarantee a better insulation for pipes, exposed elbows, catalysts and what else is necessary to speed installation and durability. They are tailor-made for series and single productions. A great variety of fabric is available to each need and environment.