About us

The KLEVERS-Italian company specialized in its field, operating with the highest quality 'of the materials in use and, above all, with high technical competence, experts in solving all sorts of problems. Characteristic of the company and 'the act in a consistently given to production and international markets and its prerogative and' systematic upgrading of technologies aimed at optimizing the service provided, in full compliance with rules and parameters relating to safety and environmental protection.

On the outskirts of Naples, in the industrial area of Arzano, a short distance from 'airport of Capodichino and the main motorway junctions, since 1984, and' present headquarters of the Italian-KLEVERS that, even in Milan, has a sales office with highly qualified personnel.

Strength of KLEVERS-and Italian 'experience, gained over time in many, many problems present in the field of thermal. The reliability 'and the' determined by the value of its technicians, real problem Solvers "landmark in collaborative research and solution of questions and any technical difficulties proposed by the customer. SPECIFICATIONS OF ITALIAN-KLEVERS = PRBLEM Solvers


The Italian-KLEVERS and 'member of the "VALIDATION GROUP FOR THE NEW UNDER VISION 2000".

The quality system of KLEVERS ITALIAN-e 'currently certified in accordance with the current ISO 9002.

In high-temperature applications, projects and materials of KLEVERS-ITALIAN ensure, together with the incombustibility the following benefits:

  • resistance to vibration and abrasion
  • water repellency and oil
  • chemical stability and resistance to aggressive agents
  • high mechanical strength
  • Security of employment

providing also the advantages of the use of light materials and flexible, high-resistance described above, combined with total absence of release of harmful fibers into the environment. These are products whose ability and 'killing the maximum heat with minimum thickness, designed to be easily removed and reused for the maintenance, despite their complete, absolute adherence to the details to be isolated.

Products are required KLEVERS-ITALIAN wherever they need to isolate thermo-acoustic equipment, piping and equipment subject to periodic inspections, where the removal and reassembly of the material involving speed in 'execution by both staff and non-specialist

To streamline the work project, all supplies of KLEVERS-ITALIAN are accompanied by drawings of individual elements and their mappings to complete assembly. Every single part, marked by his "code number", can be easily identified and, if necessary, replaced promptly.

With its artefacts for the thermo-acoustic insulation, made to measure for the series and special productions, the Italian-KLEVERS combines the most advanced technology to the care of the traditional artisan

Through a sophisticated computer system (CAD), which notes the measures directly from the surface to be isolated, with the result "taylor made" and through the careful implementation of the shaping of pieces, each traceable through its "ID number", and 'guaranteed' absolute ease of assembly and disassembly, with the ultimate goal for a service that does not require the removal of entire layers of insulating material and speed up the restoration of function of the plant.