The range of tapes comprendprodotti of different weights spssori and resistance to temperature:

  • 500 ° C
  • 700 ° C
  • 1000 ° C

height from 10mm to 200mm

thickness from 0.08mm to 6.0mm

Fiberglass Fabrics

Klevers Italiana Fabric:

have ua range of fabrics of different weights and wefts for different temperatures:

  • 500 ° C
  • 600 ° C
  • 700 ° C
  • 800 ° C
  • 1000 ° C
  • 1200 ° C



  • Felt Items available:
  • Felt Fiber Glass
  • Felt in Silica Fiber
  • Felt Fiber basalt (rock wool)
  • Ceramic Fiber
  • Felt Felt Carbon Fiber


The glass fiber is a material used for the production of composite materials, advanced structural materials or in which different components are integrated together to produce a material for mechanical surprising.

The common experience tells us that glass is a monolithic brittle material. If instead it is spun to a diameter of order less than tenth of a millimeter loses its characteristic weakness to become a material with high mechanical strength.

Fire Blanket

The Klevers Italiana a product designed for the prevention and intervention in case of fire, one of the most simple but also effective and is the imediato

Blanket Antincenio KLEVERS-BLANKET:

designed to be easily removable, and useful, is available in different sizes and gramature depending on the type of environment is to be used and the needs of the customer.

Ceramic fiber

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Le fibre ceramiche sono prodotte a partire da fibre organiche, precursori che vengono degradati termicamente.
I precursori sono preparati con le stesse tecnologie impiegate per preparare le fibre organiche convenzionali.

Le fibre ceramiche sono impiegate soprattutto come fibre refrattarie per impieghi che superano i 1000 °C e sono caratterizzate da una struttura policristallina piuttosto che amorfa.

Fiberglass Felt

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Feltri In Fibra di Vetro

Feltriin Fibra di Vetro Klevers Italiana

(feltrivetro)Temperature di esercizio: fino ai 500°C

Spessori: da 4mm a 25mm

Densità: da 100 kg/m3 a 170 kg/m3