Fiberglass Fabrics

Klevers Italiana Fabric:

have ua range of fabrics of different weights and wefts for different temperatures:

  • 500 ° C
  • 600 ° C
  • 700 ° C
  • 800 ° C
  • 1000 ° C
  • 1200 ° C




The fabrics according to the applications for which it is intended and depending on the customer requirements can be supplied with different finishes:

  • coated
  • impregnated
  • Rolled

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Some examples of applications:

Nautical Industry:

implementation strategy for mterassini outer insulation colettori exhaust, turbo, fabrics with special finishes costituistcono the surface layer of sound insulation products for the sale of motor boats.

Motorcycle sector:

Biadesivo and coupled with special heat are applied to protect the fairings and plastic parts, all internal silencers are combined with materials particoari are used to preserve the integrity of 'outer casing made of carbon and titanium, and to avoid creating vortices' s of silencers.

Glass Industry:

particular tissues are applicazine nela forging glass evitandol'impressione particular on the weft of the fabric