Fire Blanket

The Klevers Italiana a product designed for the prevention and intervention in case of fire, one of the most simple but also effective and is the imediato

Blanket Antincenio KLEVERS-BLANKET:

designed to be easily removable, and useful, is available in different sizes and gramature depending on the type of environment is to be used and the needs of the customer.


Why have a Klever-Blanket and where to use it?

There are fires (ie, combustion in the presence of uncontrolled fire), of different nature

  • Residential Fire
  • fire in car
  • fire box
  • generic material fire
  • Industrial fire
  • forest fire

In all the environments just a little distraction, or a faulty device, or a spark to cause a incendioe set on fire

The fire is no more than a chemical reaction whose key elements are: the fuel (wood, paper, petrol, gas, etc..), The Oxidizing (oxygen content in the air we breathe) and HEAT (match, lighter , short circuit, lightning, which constitute the initiation of the fire), which may be figuratively represented by a triangle: the TRIANGLE OF FIRE

In all of our homes for example, there are elements which generate heat and fire, for example, cooking stoves, the stoves of living, the heating, and for this deployment, the fire must be used correctly and in security.

Fire Blankets Klevers Italian break this triangle to the fire by removing one of its key elements, the oxidizing!