The range of tapes comprendprodotti of different weights spssori and resistance to temperature:

  • 500 ° C
  • 700 ° C
  • 1000 ° C

height from 10mm to 200mm

thickness from 0.08mm to 6.0mm


 Examples of Applications

Motorcycle sector:

The Italian Klevers tapes are used in motorcycle racing for the collectors who often passed over in the saddle and the codon in motion to preserve the pilot and avoid overheating or rupture of a special carbon fiber or plastic, as in the custom motorcycle that looks l this kind of motion tapes treated with vermiculite, dark are used to wrap the exhaust manifolds on demand, in the cross and motard are often used for high-temperature tape to bind ht collectors passing into contact Sival of the pilot so as to avoid damage to the pilot and clothing.

The marine industry:

The tapes are used where piping passes on fuel, around the exhaust manifolds or around like colettori of imbarcazini work.

Automotive Industry:

rivestiento tub and piping hot, as collectors and water pipes.


taping piping hot, to protect deli operators, and a saving in heat energy